Thursday, March 15, 2007

Winter of 2007 keeps on going; Winter of 1994

It appears as if the Winter of 2007 is not yet through rebutting Al Gore:

from "Accuweather" today

We are expecting colder temperatures and "a significant late-winter snowstorm in the Northeast."

Also, on this day in 1994, a snowfall record was set:
.9 inches of snow on this day brought the seasonal snowfall total at Binghamton, New York to 123.2 inches -- the city's snowiest winter ever.

update - 3-16-07
JetBlue has cancelled 215 flights due to the snowstorm. The East is being pounded with another 4 to 18 inches of snow, depending on the location.
update - Friday evening 3-16-07
Airlines have cancelled 2,000 flights due to the storm.

Lancaster, PA

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