Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CNN 9-11 coverage; Jeff Greenfield; the day America's luck ran out

Click here for previous commentary of CNN's 9-11 news coverage.

As I noted earlier, CNN reran (on its "Pipeline" website) its coverage of the September 11 attacks. Another item I noted was the commentary of Jeff Greenfield. At one point, Greenfield listed some of the attacks that had occured during the previous few years, such as the first WTC bombing (in 1993), the USS Cole and the foiled millenium bombing. He stated that we had been lucky thus far, but today was apparently the day that our luck had run out. [I believe I am paraphrasing pretty closely here.]

I think a parallel is developing with current events in Iran. We have been lucky thus far that Iran (or Al Qaeda, etc.) has not delivered a nuclear device for detonation in Manhattan. The day will come when our luck runs out again and it will make 9-11 look mild by comparison.

As CCN viewers listened to Greenfield's comments on 9-11-01, I imagine many of them wished we had done more to protect ourselves after each of the previous events that he listed. We have that chance now. We have the chance to disarm Iran NOW before its nuclear program is complete and before it destroys a major American city. We have the chance to avoid the mistakes of the 1990's. I don't want to find myself sitting in front of a TV someday listening to future commentators tell us that our luck has run out yet again as we desparately await news from a 10 mile radius around a flattened and glowing New York City.

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