Friday, September 08, 2006

Rathergate two year anniversary

Very few commentators have noted that today is the two year anniversary of the Rathergate scandal. As I noted last year on the one year anniversary:
For those who don't remember the sequence of events, the exposure of the CBS' perfidy began within hours after the broadcast. At 8:59:43 PM Pacific Time on September 8th, Buckhead posted the following at Free Republic (see post #47):

The world has not been the same since:
That post was the 21st century's "shot heard 'round the world." After 12 days of stonewalling CBS would grudgingly backtrack on the documents.

In a series of separate posts last year, I noted the influence of Rathergate on various media and political issues.

As I noted at the time:
Rathergate was more than a 12 day scandal that forced Dan Rather off of the air.

Rathergate was about more than George Bush or John Kerry or media bias or MSM/DNC monopoly or one Presidential campaign. Rathergate was all of those things and much more.

Rathergate is about every milestone that every blogger celebrates, every story that the blogosphere breaks, every fact that the MSM/DNC can no longer surpress and every failure that afflicts the MSM/DNC until the end of its days. The legacy of Rathergate will survive long after Dan Rather is gone.


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