Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guest blogging thank you - Jerri Lynn "Sue Bob" Ward

I wish to thank Jerri Lynn Ward a/k/a "Sue Bob" for guest-blogging for me during the Labor Day weekend.

I learned a great deal upon returning from my trip and reading her blog posts.

I was unaware that Jerri Lynn has a second blog devoted to "Advance Directive" issues. I fear that these issues will become more commonplace in the coming years as (1) our population ages, (2) Social Security's insolvency becomes obvious to everyone and (3)government administrators look for ways to "ease the burden" on the increasingly government run health care and retirement systems by treating the ill and infirm as disposable.

Jerri Lynn also quoted at length from "White Gold", a book detailing some of Islam's lengthy history of forced conversion. I haven't read the book, but it sounds like the story it tells is crucial in countering the MSM/DNC's attempts to reduce the 1400 year history of this "religion" to a mere pawn in the MSM/DNC's war against George Bush. As any lengthy, objective study of Islam will reveal, Islamic actions cannot be interpreted solely in the context of America's next election, the latest MSM/DNC poll or in terms of how the latest terrorist attack can be blamed on George Bush.

A big thank you to Jerri Lynn for bringing her knowledge and experience to my page for the weekend.

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