Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11 news coverage - the fifth hijack team

In 2003, I posted the following on a Yahoo discussion group after reviewing my VHS tapes that I recorded within a day or two after 9-11. It is interesting how much one forgets after a couple of years. The news coverage of any event is never the same as the initial reports. Details are forgotten and bias creeps in as the MSM/DNC gets its story straight and discovers its theme. But when one watches the initial reports from the day in question, one sees details that do not fit the MSM/DNC theme. Here is the quote from my post in 2003:
This weekend I dusted off a couple of video tapes containing
recordings I made from news broadcasts in the days immediately
following September 11. The broadcasts are full of very revealing
information that takes on added significance in light of the events
of the past 22 months.

We all know what happened on September 11, but we don't remember
many details that, upon reflection, shed light on the attitudes of
the newscasters, the bias of the networks and the extent to which we
all have forgotten how widespread is the terror network.

I won't rehash many details, but I can give you a few highlights:

1) The networks reported that at least one additional group of
5 middle eastern men had been confronted on the morning of the 11th at a New
York airport trying to board a plane with boxcutters. When questioned,
they left the airport. They have never been identified so far as we

Questions - Why haven't the networks spent some time investigating the
whereabouts of this terror team instead of trying to impeach Bush because of
contrived questions over the exact source of Saddam's uranium?
The government arrested hundreds of muslims in the days following
9/11. Were these men among the detained? Is it possible they are in custody
now? If not, then we have at least one suicide team roaming free awaiting

If any of you made recordings of news reports on the 11th or shortly thereafter,
now would be a good time to watch them. You will be surprised at the details
you may have forgotten.

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