Saturday, August 12, 2006

Reutersgate widening and deepening

This story from the Jerusalem Post will not be new to most of you, but it will be important years or months from now when we try to summarize the events of August 2006:
At first everyone thought they were just blowing smoke, but the debunking of a Reuters photograph by a group of Web sites has launched a fiery online war in which bloggers have taken on the mainstream media.

Bloggers, or writers on web logs, were the first to reveal that a Reuters photograph depicting plumes of black smoke rising over Beirut was doctored to enhance smoke above the city. The Web site is credited with first revealing the scandal, which has been dubbed Reutersgate, but the affair has spread far wider than the Reuters News Agency and into several of the most esteemed media outlets.

More than a dozen accusations of staged or doctored photographs have made their way through various Web sites in the past several weeks. None has been treated by the news outlets as seriously as the original Reuters incident, which saw the photographer Adnin Hajj fired and over 900 of his photos removed from the Reuters wire list. But numerous other outlets - including the BBC, The New York Times and AP - have been forced to recall photos or change captions following inaccuracies pointed out in online forums.

The fact that the online community rather than fellow mainstream media has become a watchdog of accuracy has surprised many who originally derided blogs as being "devoid of accuracy."
emphasis added

For the MSM/DNC to be replaced as the main source of news for Americans, we must not only expose fraudulent incidents like Reutersgate, we must follow through and take credit where credit is due. Summaries like the one above can place a week's worth of scandal into the proper context.

We must also tie each new scandal into the context of the previous scandals.

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