Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reutersgate; a quiz to keep the MSM/DNC scandals in perspective.

As Reutergate rages, it is helpful to place this issue in the broader context of the old MSM/DNC news monopoly. The issue is not just Reuters. Most of the major MSM/DNC outlets have endured some scandal involving fake photos, fake documents, plagiarism, invented sources, invented facts, etc. over the past two years. As we approach the two-year anniversary of Rathergate, we must realize that the old MSM/DNC is cracking up before our eyes. Incidents of this type will accelerate in quantity as the old media struggles to retain power and pursue its political agenda.

In order to help you keep these scandals straight, here is a quiz for those who might have forgotten which scandal accompanies which "news" organization. I do not have the technical ability to include an automatic scoring mechanism, but you can check your answers at this post or this one.

The object is to match the media scandal on the first list with the MSM/DNC outlet from the list at the bottom. Some of the media outlets can be used more than once.

1. This network's President falsely accused
American soldiers of purposely shooting at

2. This newspaper altered a photo of Condi Rice
to make her eyes appear "demonic."

3. This organization published the photo of an
unrelated car to dramatize the aftermath of
shots fired at an Italian journalist.

4. This organization falsely reported that a Koran
had been flushed down the toilet, thus touching
off riots and death across the middle east.

5. This network staged a fake canoe ride in 4
inches of water.

6. An anchor at this network attributed the Paris
riots to "African-Americans."

7. A columnist from this newspaper resigned after
she was discovered to have invented characters
for her columns.

8. Invented "fake, but accurate" standard.

9. This newspaper printed analysis of Iraqi
election results prior to the elections.

10. This network coached guests to sound angry
in the wake of Katrina.

11. A writer from this newspaper invented a story
about baby seal hunts in Canada.

12. A reporter from this newspaper faked quotes,
interviews and sources, forcing the resignation
of the executive editor. The remaining editors
and reporters remain at large.
Match the scandals above with the MSM/DNC outlets below.

a. Los Angeles Times

b. Boston Globe

c. CNN

d. USA Today

e. New York Times

f. CBS

g. AP

h. NBC

i. Newsweek

j. Sacramento Bee

If you don't know the answers, remember, "we can't be sure of anything we do . . . anything we see."

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