Sunday, December 04, 2005

What to do with a dead blog; Politickal Animal and Spoons

LaShawn Barber recently posted some advice on the disposition of your blog in the event that you are no longer around.

LaShawn's advice might have come in handy for "Politickal Animal". His blog was linked on my blogroll until very recently. He had written about giving up blogging in recent months. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that his links were dead. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that his links now lead to some online gambling website. I am sure the gambling site has nothing to do with "Politickal Animal." I suspect that Animal deleted his blog instead of simply letting it linger unattended. Once the blog was deleted, someone snapped up the address in the hope of diverting Animal's traffic to the new site. {I believe that Animal was a "large mammal" or at least a "marauding marsupial" with a fair amount of traffic.] He probably still appears on a lot of blogrolls [but not for long I am sure]. Animal probably did not anticipate that someone would use his former address for these purposes.

I will soon delete him from my own roll (even though I hate to do that). If you really want to give up on blogging, it is better to let your blog linger than to surrender the address to whatever pitchman or spammer will be first to snap it up. Cold Beverage has been dormant for almost a year, but we can still leave messages for him in the hope that he might see our comments.

Spoons has found a much better way of gracefully exiting his blog.


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