Friday, August 26, 2005

MSM Lie # 42 - Chris Matthews and the War on Terror: as easy as WWII?

On Wednesday of this week, Rush Limbaugh played an excerpt from Chris Matthews' appearance on the Today show. Matthews' falsely claimed that the Bush administration originally believed and claimed that the War on Terror would be easy, much like World War II (!!!). According to Matthews, Bush officials and conservatives in general were expecting a surrender ceremony and a VE day and VJ day. I am paraphrasing only to a small degree.

In fact, I recall statements from the Bush administration early in the War (shortly after 9-11). One such statement specifically mentioned that there would be no early end to the war. Bush predicted that the war would continue beyond his time in office. On another occasion, Bush stated that we should not expect a "Missouri" type surrender ceremony, like the one that ended World War II.

The administration was correct to define expectations in this way. They should have continued with this theme. Their failure to remind the public that we are in the early stages in the war allows hacks like Matthews to get away with lying about the administration's position.

Check out the rest of the lies of 2005 here.

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