Monday, August 22, 2005

USS Iowa shunned by San Francisco.

The San Francisco board of supervisors has vetoed plans to place the USS Iowa on display in San Francisco bay. The decision was made on ideological grounds.

This is old news. The decision was made a month ago (and discussed on the internet at that time). I don't know why Yahoo, Rush Limbaugh and Hannity were discussing this item today. I must have missed some angle that makes the subject news today instead of last month.

near Pearl Harbor 1952

The Iowa was in the center of the battle to homosexualize the military in 1989 when an explosion tore through one of its main gun turrets, killing 47 sailors. The Navy's original report attributed the explosion to sabotage by a homosexual sailor upset over a jilted lover (I believe both men served on board at the time). The report was quickly rebuffed and attacked by the MSM/DNC and was quickly retracted by the Navy. The original report continues to generate MSM/DNC hate pieces online and elsewhere.

The official line today is that we don't know what caused the explosion, but the only cause we can rule out is homosexual sabotage. The affair reminds me of numerous airplane crashes in the 1990's (TWA 800, Egypt Air, etc.). The cause of the crashes remains a mystery, but the federal government quickly ruled out terrorism. Maybe if four different battleships had suffered from simultaneous similar explosions, the official story would not be so benign.

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