Sunday, July 24, 2005

MSM lie #36 - Seattle Times mischaracterizes Senate report.

Click here for the entire list.

I am sure there is much dishonesty on the part of MSM/DNC in the Rove/Plame affair. The continued use of the phrase "covert" in reference to Valarie Plame (in the face of mounting evidence that she was well known) is one example. The continued efforts to ignore the actual statements by the Time reporter and the efforts to avoid asking what Judith Miller really knows and why she would stay in prison rather than reveal it are other examples. [And yes, it does take effort to avoid asking those questions.]

But the only concrete lie I could find in my limited research time has been provided by the Seattle Times, as they mischaracterize a Senate report in a way that can only be characterized as intentional. Wilson is discredited as a result of his attempts to mislead the Senate and the country regarding the growing danger of nuclear proliferation - particularly Hussein's attempts to procure uranium. Any attempt to whitewash that fact is a lie.

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