Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Millenium Bomber (Ahmed Ressam) and Judge John C. Coughenour

A judge in Seattle has sentenced the "millenium bomber" to 22 years in prison relating to a terrorist plot that was supposed to take place one year before George W. Bush was first elected President. The case has nothing to do with Bush, but in true liberal judicial fashion, the judge took the opportunity to attack Bush, claiming that it is unnecessary to conduct military tribunals, deny counsel to detainees or house terrorists at Guantanamo. By doing this, we allow the terrorists to win.

In other news, it appears that the United States lost WWII after all. We failed to arrest the pilots that bombed Pearl Harbor. Even though we eventually sunk every Japanese ship that took part in launching the Pearl Harbor raid, we failed to allow the sailors on board to consult counsel before we sunk their ships. We failed to give those sailors due process. We failed to conduct hearings before each battle. We destroyed the Constitution, thus allowing the Japanese to win.


update - - I just learned that Judge Coughenour is a Reagan appointee. That fact makes me feel much better about the Roberts nomination. Click here for related news on Republican appointees.

For the libs out there - the WWII reference was a parody. For the moderates and hopelessly optimistic among you, the reference to the Roberts nomination was intended to be sarcastic.

Michelle Malkin has more on Judge Coughenour.


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