Monday, July 25, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 45 days and counting - Miami New Times

A blogging scandal has erupted at the Miami New Times:
Blogging — the publication by individuals of comments on personal Internet sites called Web logs — is becoming a growing legal and personnel headache for employers across the country.

Derogatory comments about employers and fellow workers, leaks of proprietary information and other objectionable material broadcast into cyberspace have led to firings and lawsuits in dozens of cases nationwide.

The story focuses on derogatory comments of a sexual nature that one of the editors placed on her personal blog regarding current and former Miami New Times employees. The real story is not the gossip that created the scandal, but the New Times' attempts to adjust to life after Rathergate.

When MSM/DNC tries to blog, its ethics don't improve just because it is operating in cyberspace instead of on TV or in print.

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