Friday, June 10, 2005

We cannot survive another Clinton presidency

While it may seem a little early to post the above headline, it is, in fact, a little late for the Chinese military buildup to be coming to light. The Chinese government has built its military capability over the past decade and a half, to the point where they are a definite threat to the U.S.

Bill Clinton authorized the transfer of advanced ICBM technology to the Chinese in exchange for the illegal campaign contributions that nearly caused a scandal following the 1996 election. It is still unclear whether we can repair the damage he did to our national security. We won't know that for decades, after we have either endured an unthinkable disaster or have somehow resolved the situation with China in the same way that we won the cold war with Russia.

We barely survived Bill Clinton's two terms in office. We won't be so lucky if we have to endure another Clinton administration.

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