Tuesday, June 07, 2005

John Kerry still has not released all of his records

I have very little to add to today's post from Michelle Malkin. She has the most comprehensive summary of the blogosphere and other news items.

It is apparent that John Kerry's purported "release" of his naval records is but one more head fake. This post from Blogs for Bush quotes John O'Neill in listing the items that are still missing and the questions that are yet unanswered:
We called for Kerry to execute a form which would permit anyone to examine his full and unexpulgated military records at the Navy Department and the National Personnel Records Center. Instead he executed a form permitting his hometown paper to obtain the records currently at the Navy Department. The Navy Department previously indicated its records did not include various materials. This is hardly what we called for. If he did execute a complete release of all records we could then answer questions such as (1)Did he ever receive orders to Cambodia or file any report of such a mission (whether at Christmas or otherwise); (2) What was his discharge status between 1970 and 1978 (when he received a discharge) and was it affected by his meetings in 1970 and 1971 with the North Vietnamese? (3)why did he receive much later citations for medals purportedly signed by Secretary Lehman who said he did not know of them; (4) Are there Hostile Fire and Personnel Injured by Hostile Fire Reports for Kerry's Dec. 1968 Purple Heart (when the officer in charge of the boat Admiral Schacte, the treating Surgeon Louis Letson, and Kerry's Division Commander deny there was hostile fire causing a scratch) awarded three months later under unknown circumstances.

Remember this years from now when John Kerry or the MSM/DNC claim that Kerry long ago answered all of these charges and questions.

I wondered why ABC radio news today contained a story about Kerry's Yale grades being released, which story revealed Kerry's poor academic performance. I then turned on the computer and found the rest of the story at numerous blogs. MSM/DNC focused on the most innocuous part of the story and ignored the rest. There is no way that Kerry's poor grades from forty years ago make it into a MSM/DNC news report unless MSM/DNC and Kerry are trying to forestall discovery of something far worse.

Look at category #14 on the bias category list:
They are the equivalent of the getaway driver throwing some of the robbery loot out the window to distract the pursuing police.

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