Saturday, June 04, 2005

Trafficking in Persons report - State Department

Check out Doug Ross' link to the State Department's 5th annual Trafficking in Persons report.

5th annual State Department Report

This report details the international "trade" that annually enslaves 800,000 victims. And no, they don't mean the terrorists at Gitmo. Because such MSM/DNC friendly Islamic dictatorships as Sudan are the main perpretators, the MSM/DNC is not interested in this story:
Look, only about 800,000 people are bought and sold each year, so I suppose Abu Graib, Halliburton, and the occasional, TV-friendly car bomb detonation should have top priority. Surely you don't expect the likes of Maureen Dowd to hoist themselves off their derrieres, do some real investigation, and write about true evil and injustice?

And, look, it only involves sexual slavery, child beggars, forced domestication, starvation, unreported rapes, beatings, and deaths, so I suppose these miserable souls (who number well under a million) don't deserve any investigative reporting. Leave it up to the State Department! The mainstream media has fake but accurate stories to cover!

Doug forgot to include Islamic genital mutilation of young girls. But the feminists at the New York Times won't mention that either because they know when to keep their mouths shut.

It is amazing how feminists and their enablers like to talk about "speaking truth to power" and other such meaningless rallying cries. But when they are confronted with a true horror, they slink away like cowards and flail away instead at MSM/DNC approved topics like Halliburton, Watergate and Gitmo.

Compare the MSM/DNC's silence on this topic with the Walter Duranty/New York Times whitewash of Stalin's reign of terror in the 1930's.

Maybe the New York Times will win another Pulitzer for maintaining silence on the international slave trade.

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