Sunday, May 29, 2005

The perfect Memorial Day tribute

We won't see a better Memorial Day tribute than this one from across the Atlantic. As we all know, tens of thousands of American soldiers died in WWII, partially for the purpose of keeping France independent and free. Today, millions of Frenchmen voted to stay that way.

I am sure my elation will prove overly optimistic in the long run, but at least the UN-ification of Europe will be delayed by a few more years. Mark Steyn has more:
And it's the willingness to subordinate individual liberty to what Hutton calls "the primacy of society" that has blighted the continent for over a century: Statism -- or "the primacy of society" -- is what fascism, Nazism, communism and now European Union all have in common. In fairness, after the first three, European Union seems a comparatively benign strain of the disease -- not a Blitzkrieg, just a Bitzkrieg, an accumulation of fluffy trivial pan-European laws that nevertheless takes for granted that the natural order is a world in which every itsy-bitsy activity is licensed and regulated and constitutionally defined by government.
emphasis added

In other words, French voters rejected the American left's lifelong vision of utopia. In a week where our most insufferable war hero redefined the concept of selling out, none other than the French provide a demonstration of backbone and resolution. I now retract almost half of the bad things I ever said about the French.

This vote is also a blow to our very own MSM/DNC. It will be much harder in 2008 for the MSM/DNC Presidential candidate to invoke "our European allies" as a handbag to swing at the Republican candidate. Today's vote insures that "our European allies" are farther than ever from speaking with one voice - especially the voice of defeat and surrender.
Update - May 30, 2005

This story is accompanied today by an ironic anniversary.

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