Saturday, June 04, 2005

Koran abuse, Mayor Giuliani, Tim Russert and 9-11

We truly have come a long way since 9-11 and the immediate aftermath - and the journey has not always been in the right direction.

I recall an interview with Mayor Giuliani near Christmas 2001. After the mayor recounted his own experience with the horror of 9-11, Tim Russert asked Giuliani what he would say to Osama bin Laden if bin Laden were in the room at that time. Giuliani could not answer, except to say that he had nothing to say to bin Laden. I can't remember the rest of his comments, but the point was that we must take action and that words and understanding and dialogue are clearly the wrong way to deal with this situation. The mayor's response was, of course, entirely appropriate for the circumstances. We have nothing to say to bin Laden. The time for talking has long since passed.

Today, several hundred of bin Laden's associates are housed at Guantanamo Bay. To one extent or another, they helped plan or execute 9-11 or related atrocities. Many were captured in Afghanistan in the months following U.S. action against the Taliban regime. Some of them were caught in the planning stages of additional acts. These men are some of the most hardened terrorists in the world. Americans leapt to their deaths from 100 stories above Manhattan because of these men. Were they not at Gitmo, they would undoubtedly be planning more horror in the United States right now. American lives have been saved because these men are in custody. These men are the equivalent of bin Laden. They are in our hands and at our mercy.
We have nothing to say to these men (except to demand information about the next attack).

But today, Americans are in danger of allowing the MSM/DNC to bury the lessons of 9-11. MSM/DNC demands that we respect these men and attempts to create riots in the Muslim world when we fail to measure up to MSM/DNC standards.

Can you imagine asking Mayor Giuliani after 9-11 to hand a Koran to bin Laden? Can you imagine demanding that Mayor Giuliani handle bin Laden's Koran with respect? Can you imagine demanding that Giuliani treat bin Laden with anything other than contempt and rage?

MSM/DNC makes such demands on our troops at Gitmo on a daily basis. MSM/DNC hopes that we have forgotten the sight of 300 firefighter funerals and the dust cloud that engulfed New York City on 9-11. Only if we forget the events of 9-11 can MSM/DNC hope that their own propaganda becomes plausible.

If we bother to relive the horrors of 9-11 everytime the MSM/DNC tries to stir the Gitmo-Koran-abuse pot, the Koran abuse story becomes a non-issue. It becomes less than a non-issue.

La Shawn Barber gets it right when she says:
If I See One More Koran “Mishandling” Story…
…I just might buy a few to kick around myself.

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