Monday, April 25, 2005

Matt Drudge 10 year anniversary

La Shawn Barber posts the story of the Matt Drudge ten year anniversary. I did not realize that his ten year anniversary was approaching when I included his book as this month's "classic of conservatism."

La Shawn links to a slanted Washington Post article that repeats the MSM/DNC line about Drudge being a purveyor of gossip. Howard Kurtz manages to include every story in which Drudge either was premature or repeated allegations that remain unproven. Kurtz even figured out a way of resurrecting the Blumenthal controversy without revealing that Blumenthal ended up withdrawing his suit in a way that completely vindicating Drudge. (I think Blumenthal even paid Drudge, but I could be wrong.) Kurtz often implies that Drudge is obsolete. As long as the MSM/DNC continues to attack him, he is not obsolete. Only when the MSM/DNC begins to include him will we have cause to worry.

Far more interesting is La Shawn's link to a post of her own from September 13, 2004 in which she credited Drudge for much of the new media revolution. Because La Shawn drew a connection between the Rathergate scandal and Drudge's reporting from January 1998, La Shawn showed that she "gets it" as far as the new media is concerned. The Washington Post still doesn't get it.

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