Saturday, April 23, 2005

#6 - coordination.

BBC has provided a prime example of media coordination with leftwing political parties. BBC reporters were sent to a Tory political rally to heckle the Tory speaker.

I noted in the category list that it sounds odd to think of the MSM/DNC as coordinating with itself. But the action proves that the label is correct, as the MSM and DNC act as one entity.

It sounds odd also to extend this concept to foreign countries, where the "DNC" is not a political entity. But the fact remains that left wing political parties have formed an unholy alliance with the "old media" in all western style democracies. The reference to "DNC" is not so much a reference to the actual DNC, but to leftist politicians in general and the causes they promote.
Michelle Malkin provides links to recent BBC scandals and a similar incident involving ventriloquist journalism. Different tactics. Same result.

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