Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ann Coulter - TSA "standard operating procedure"

Ann Coulter described her experience with airport security on April 17, 2005 at her homepage. The screener at the Harrisburg, PA airport "took special care in waving the wand over my barefeet — barefeet! — but then quickly turned to the main issue at hand: the risk of an exploding bra."

TSA has responded by reviewing the film of the incident and declaring that the screener "followed standard operating procedure to the letter."

Did it not occur to TSA that this statement does not so much vindicate the screener as it reflects poorly on TSA's procedure?

The next time Muslim extremists crash planes into buildings, we can take comfort in knowing that TSA's standard procedure is to waive metal detectors painstakingly over barefeet. At least the terrorists will not be able to hide boxcutters inside their barefeet.

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