Saturday, March 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo - her two week ordeal begins.

It is important for us to remind our friends and readers as often as possible that Terri will linger and starve to death over a two week period. She will not die painlessly as the left would like us to believe. Today is only the first day in what promises to be a painful and cruel ordeal.

The two week nature of her ordeal has not been emphasized in the MSM/DNC as of yet. If the public is confronted with the daily reality of Terri's starvation, much of the public will become sickened by the prospect of government ordered killing. Terri's ordeal can become the equivalent of the abortion photographs that the MSM/DNC does their best to shame us into ignoring. Leftists cannot be confronted with the truth behind what they advocate. The publication of abortion photographs destroys leftist euphemisms and brings the ugly reality to the forefront. In the same way, daily, regular discussion of Terri's slow death by starvation and thirst will destroy much of the mythology upon which the left has relied thus far.

The court has not simply turned off a machine. The court is engaging in unspeakable cruelty. That cruelty must be discussed on a daily basis until it stops.

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