Monday, February 11, 2008

The polls have reversed course; McCain is now BEHIND Obama

As predicted, the national polls in the Presidential race have served their purpose. Immediately prior to "Super Tuesday," "the polls" told us that John McCain was THE Republican candidate that could beat either Democrat (Hillary or Obama). Rasmussen gave McCain a 6 point lead over Obama.

One week later, frightened Republican voters all but handed John McCain the Republican nomination, driving Mitt Romney from the race. Today, "the polls" tell us that Obama leads McCain by six (6) points.

The polls served their purpose. They drove Romney from the race. They pressured and misled Republican voters into supporting the "electable" John McCain because he would appeal to "moderates" and "independents." Mission accomplished. Now that McCain stands virtually alone in his race to wrap up the nomination, "the polls" can once again resume their function as self-fulfilling prophecies, boosting Obama with an early "lead" so that the "independents" and "undecideds" will know which direction to follow.

I predicted this outcome on January 31st. I did not foresee how rapidly the reversal would come. [While two different polling companies have provided these opposite poll results, I am sure those pollsters are as different as NBC News and ABC News.]

Any Republican who voted for McCain in a primary because he was more "electable" has been suckered.

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