Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jeanne Assam; New Life Church shooting; Colorado Springs;

Jeanne Assam

We have all heard the story of how Jeanne Assam saved the lives of possibly 100 people in Colorado Springs over the weekend. She saved these lives by shooting the gunman intent on massacre. Most importantly, Assam's heroics would have been impossible had the gun control advocates been successful in banning guns in church. The madman intent on murder was not deterred by any laws. Gun control laws would only have prevented Jeanne Assam from repelling the attack.

Some questions are in order:

Is it only a coincidence that the same people who want to remove all mention of "Christmas" from public life want to disarm Christians in the face of demented attackers?

How many of the 30+ Virginia Tech victims would still be alive if a Jeanne Assam had been permitted to carry a gun on that campus last April?

How many Columbine victims would still be alive if a Jeanne Assam had been present with a gun at that High School in April 1999?

How few leftists will learn the lessons of the New Life shooting and stop trying to disarm innocent Americans?

Jeanne Assam

Apparently not content with the death toll at the New Life Church (and elsewhere around the country), Pennsylvania politicians are proposing new gun control laws. My prediction is that we will never have enough gun control laws to satisfy anti-gun leftists. But we can get enough guns to stop the next shooting.

update - Michelle Malkin has more.

You can bet that leftists everywhere are right now trying to dig up dirt on Jeanne Assam. They are hoping to find a criminal record or a history of "homophobia." Failing that, they may accuse her of being gay.

By the time they are through, she will feel like a potential rival to Hillary Clinton for some elected office. They will never forgive her for using a gun to save lives.


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