Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mitt Romney's Mormon speech; The Coming of the Mormons

I did not hear Mitt Romney's speech today about his religion. But the speech has received national attention, as MSM/DNC commentators strive to apply their usual victim-group script to every situation. In this case, the MSM/DNC plays the religion card by asking whether America is "ready" for a Mormon president. While the MSM/DNC hates Republicans, its real target is America itself. The MSM/DNC doesn't mind letting a Republican play the coveted "victim" role once in a while, so long as MSM/DNC gets to portray America as a bigoted, ignorant country that fears and "hates" diverse religions.

I am also stricken by the modern tendency to view issues in terms of the superficial headlines of the moment instead of the deeper facts that might truly educate us all. In this case, we hear a constant discussion on the MSM/DNC news, in which various commentors speculate as to what Mormons really believe and what they practice. But the MSM/DNC provides few tools for us to make up our own minds about this religion (or any other issue). We hear a constant din of white noise, consisting of superficial sound bites, but we learn little of any use.

Here is my contribution to the issue. I am not a Mormon, nor do I support Mitt Romney (for reasons other than his religion. My reasons for preferring a different Republican nominee include Romney's flip-flopping on major issues (and see Debbie Schlussel's discussions)). But I do think a further study of Mormonism is in order. Decades ago, American students used to learn a little history in addition to the usual leftist indoctrination. One history book was entitled, "The Coming of the Mormons." This book detailed not only the Mormon migration to Utah, but provided good background into the whole pioneer era.

Regardless of how I feel about Mormonism, I would have a lot more confidence in what I see on television if the television mouthpieces knew even a fraction of the material featured in books like this before assembling stories that impact Presidential races. This is true not only for the Mormon "issue", but for every issue that receives the usual MSM/DNC white noise, race-politics, PC, superficial treatment.

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