Sunday, October 07, 2007

GM - UAW settlement

Liberal Quicksand speculates on the possibility that the recent GM-Union settlement will end up being paid for directly by the taxpayers:
GM gets a ‘going broke’ retirement plan off its responsibility list. They will pay the UAW now. It is the UAW’s ‘problem’ – not that they need to fear that at all.

The Democrat sheepeople ‘the very rank and defiled’ will whine like the spoiled brats – not if, but when the money is gone. I can see the MSPAM stories now of the ‘hard-working’ union man who can’t even afford his beer or lottery tickets anymore. They will be championed as victims. But they are victims of their own liberalism.

Think about all that money just sitting in a union trust fund. I know the union big bosses and the DNC are thinking about it.

Regardless of whether the taxpayers pay directly for this particular settlement, years of union activitiy have already cost us our industrial base.


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