Sunday, September 23, 2007

Barrack Hussein Obama floats a social security tax hike; Boomsday approaches

The very fact the Barrack Hussein Obama is floating the idea of a social security tax hike, no matter how dangerous or absurd the idea, is more proof that the social security system is in much greater danger than the MSM/DNC has been willing to admit. As soon as President Bush proposed his modest reforms, we began hearing the chorus of MSM/DNC voices assuring us that no problem existed with SS and that Bush was trying to whip up hysteria at the expense of seniors. In fact, the Democrats know that the system cannot survive. That is the only reason they dare to propose any SS changes, especially a tax hike.

Cox and Forkum 2004

The Democrats refused to acknowledge in 2005 what we all know - Boomsday is closer than we think.

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