Saturday, June 09, 2007

Winter of 2007; South Africa; Argentina; Chile

The Winter of 2007 was severe and bitterly cold in the United States and Canada. But the effects were not limited to North America. New cold records have been set in South Africa also, according to the Cape Times:
THE icy weather of snow, hail and heavy rain that has swept across South Africa over the past few days has set 54 weather records.

The South African Weather Service said 34 new records were set on Monday and another 20 yesterday. Almost all records were for the lowest maximum and minimum daily temperatures in towns across the country.

Similar records have been set in Argentina, according to AP:
A cold snap in Argentina led to electricity and natural gas shortages this week, idling factories and taxis and causing sporadic blackouts in the capital.
Beset by the coldest May since 1962, millions of residents fired up space heaters, straining Buenos Aires' electrical grid for three nights and forcing authorities to slash power supply nationwide and briefly cut domestic natural gas provisions and exports to Chile.

The cold snap jeopardized the economies of both Argentina and Chile, as fuel supplies have been rationed - H/T Bloomberg News.

For those who rely on the government for their education and the MSM/DNC for news, South Africa and Argentina are on different "continents" than the United States. That means they are really far away - not only from us, but from each other. The bitter cold has not been confined to the United States or Canada.

The devastating, bitter effects of the Winter of 2007 have been global. It is more important now to remember this as we endure the heat in the United States. We have more to fear from Al Gore's continuing Assault on Reason than we do from "global warming."
6-11-07 - Update - new cold records in Denver, compilation of data reveals that warmest years in Denver occurred prior to 1955. Notwithstanding the above, new global warming initiative to crack down on individual liberties in Denver.
The more evidence accumulates against global warming, the stronger the crackdown will be.

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