Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Communist Party donates records to NYU; Joe McCarthy and history

Blonde Sagacity has posted an interesting item about the Communist Party donating to New York University its own records and previously secret directives from Moscow. She speculates as to whether this information will bolster the historical image of Joe McCarthy. In fact, much of McCarthy's career has already been vindicated by the new media's ability to present the truth and evade the historical filters imposed by leftist historians. But I am glad to hear that more documents and facts will become available. The left hates facts.

Check out any of these books for more info.

The facts have always been available for anyone to read, but now we can spread the word through the new media.

I think it is interesting that an organization that many Americans naively consider to be just another "political party" received secret directives from a foreign power. I wonder what the files of the New York Times would reveal if the Times ever donated its own records to a university or a library. . . .

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