Monday, September 18, 2006

Anthrax 5 year anniversary; New York Post; Johanna Huden

Michelle Malkin posts an item today about the fifth anniversary of the anthrax scare that began in the immediate aftermath of the 9-11 attacks. The MSM/DNC has ignored this anniversary much like it ignores other terror anniversaries.

The anthrax story has the hint of a prewar Iraqi connection - all the more reason for the MSM/DNC to pretend that this event never happened.

Michelle includes a photo from the New York Post front page during the height of the crisis. I remember this particular photo. Drudge included the photo on his page at the time. [See Michelle's post for the photo.]

When I first saw it on the Drudge Report nearly five years ago, I immediately drove to the nearest newstand to pick up a copy. I was inspired by the open defiance. [Little did I realize that the MSM/DNC would, by a process of attrition and guerrilla warfare against the War, drain away all such signs of defiance against the terrorists over the next 5 years. Cindy Sheehan has replaced Johanna Huden (and Todd Beamer and Pat Tillman and others) as a symbol of this war.]

When I asked the newstand clerk if she had the New York Post, she sort of shrugged, looked away with a frown and pointed to a stack of papers laying face down on the floor apart from all of the other neatly arranged newspapers. As I retrieved my own copy from the pile, it was obvious that the cover photo offended the traditional sensibilities of the newsstand clerk (and many others). I was glad. In order for us to fight this war, we needed to adopt the attitude that the Post once displayed. I saved my copy, which I still have today. I did not know that this newspaper copy would become a momento of the defiant attitude that we once had and need to recapture in order to win this war.

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