Monday, July 03, 2006

Classics of Conservatism - Part XVII - Herman Dinsmore - All the News that Fits

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This month's edition of "Classics of Conservatism" is topical, as it provides background into the history of bias at the New York Times. The blogswarm that now engulfs the Times and has MSM/DNC apologists scrambling to defend the indefensible relates only to the tip of the iceberg.

Herman Dinsmore was a Times employee for 34 years, including 9 years as international editor. In 1969, he drew on his years of experience to chronicle the Times' bias and misleading reporting on a number of issues.

Much of what we think we know of Vietnam is the result of years of NYT propaganda that has found its way into the history books because the historians naturally looked to the "paper of record" when compiling their stories. Dinsmore's book exposed the journalistic malpractice that contributes to that "history" and allows us to rethink this and other episodes.

Dinsmore also writes extensively about the Warren report and how the Times blindly accepted its conclusions despite its obvious flaws.

I cannot remember much of the book (and the other subjects it explores), as it has been more than 17 years since I read it. But I believe that simple "bias" is no longer enough to explain the decades of 5th column activities by the Times and the rest of the MSM/DNC.

In 1969, Dinsmore's book was only one isolated voice being drowned out by the MSM/DNC chorus. Today, it seems almost quaint and unexceptional, given all that we know about the NYT and the new media's power to expose it. But the real value of "All the News that Fits" is the confidence is gives us in our own observations as we uncover the true depths of New York Times' and MSM/DNC perfidy.
update - photos from today's protest at the Times' office in Washington D.C. - H/T Michelle Malkin

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