Monday, July 03, 2006

New York Times, Bill Keller, Swift program, Axis Sally, protest July 10

I have very little to add to the uproar/blogswarm that has engulfed the New York Times since the Times' revelation of U.S. Secrets, including the SWIFT program. Ann Coulter has compared the Times to Axis Sally and other WWII traitors.

Michelle Malkin writes of a protest planned for July 10, 2006.

The blogswarm has forced the Times to backpeddle. The SWIFT program was secret before it was not secret. H/T Michelle Malkin.

For a detailed description of Axis Sally's activities, check out Sally's attacks on American morale and Sally's exaggerated predictions of American combat casaulties that earned her a 12 year prison sentence. As I wrote here:
If we can force a little history into the mainstream discussion and rescue the concept of "treason" from the memory hole, we won't have to stand by helplessly while taxpayer funded professors tell their audiences how to commit acts of terror.

The same is true for newspapers who provide intelligence to Al Qaeda.
update - protest today outside the New York Times offices in Washington D.C.
H/T Michelle Malkin.

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