Monday, May 15, 2006

New Orleans gangs, crime statistics and future catastrophes

Time magazine contains an article with some value regarding the results of Hurricane Katrina's dispersion of New Orleans' street gangs:
For the first time in modern history, we now know what criminals will do after a mass exodus: just like everyone else, they will spend a couple of months getting their bearings. They will apply for aid and call people they care about on their cell phones. Then they will find one another and start killing one another again. They will go where the housing and the drug users are. Perhaps most important of all, they will carry with them the petty disputes of the past, along with their assumptions about the consequences.

This article and its conclusions can help predict some of the results of the next terrorist attack in the United States. After the RoP nukes Manhattan (depending on the severity of the blast) we may have many more gang members preying on neighboring cities, murdering their former neighbors and stealing each others' FEMA money than we did in the aftermath of Katrina.

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