Saturday, May 06, 2006

Los Rangers; Texas Rangers; Cinco de Mayo; Who is assimilating who?

Michelle Malkin posts the story of last night's Yankees-Rangers baseball game, for which the Rangers changed their uniforms to read "Los Rangers" in honor of Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday.

May 5, 1862 was the day that the Mexican Army defeated a joint French-Mexican army 100 miles from Mexico City. Modern writers, in an effort to gain acceptance of this holiday here in the United States, assert that this battle somehow helped ensure the Union victory in our own civil war.

The Rangers now sell Cinco de Mayo "Los Rangers" gear on the team website.

One of Michelle's readers proclaims, "The hell with the MLB, I'm not watching another game."

I agree with that sentiment, but I think it is long overdue. The watering down of the record books by steroid use, the subsidization of millionaire salaries by taxpayer supported stadii, the complete destruction of team loyalty by the free agency system, etc. should have been enough to chase away all of the fans long ago.

Major league baseball (and all professional sports) have become part of the state sponsored "bread and circuses" package that sap our national strength and distract us from taking steps necessary to save our civilization. While we cheer for professional athletes, our government continues to strangle our productivity with taxes and regulations. While we gamble on sports outcomes, play fantasy football and trade in useless memorabilia, runaway immigration continues to erode our sovereignty.

With the Rangers' use of Cinco de Mayo symbolism, the circle becomes complete. Not only is major league baseball a distraction and a drain, but it has now joined the chorus of those attacking and eroding our foundation.

I have heard far more references to Cinco de Mayo over the past several years than I used to. People who have no knowledge of history, borders, language or culture are beginning to make references to this term every May 5th. It has become another excuse for drinking and carousing, like St. Patrick's day. If this has not happened already, we will shortly hear of Cinco de Mayo parades in major cities every year. Gays will protest because they are being excluded from the Cinco de Mayo parade in New York.

America's assimilation into Hispanic culture continues.

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