Saturday, February 04, 2006

Prayers for the Assassin, by Robert Ferrigno

Hat Tip to Junk Yard Blog for posting a review of what seems to be a timely book. Here is Junk Yard's excerpt:
The second half of the Super Bowl began right after midday prayers. The fans in Khomeini Stadium had performed their ablutions by rote, awkwardly prostrating themselves, heels splayed, foreheads not even touching the ground…The guard noticed Rakkim Epps watching him, stiffened, then spotted the Fedayeen ring on his finger and bowed, offered him a blessing, and Rakkim, who had not prayed in over three years, returned the blessing with the same sincerity. Not one in a thousand would have recognized the plain titanium band, but the guard was one of the early converts, the hard core who had risked everything and expected nothing other than Paradise in return. He wondered if the guard still thought the war was worth it.

I have not read the novel, but it appears to have promise, positing a futuristic America divided into Muslim and Christian partitions by the year 2040 as a result of nuclear attack by fanatical muslims and years of muslim infiltration and immigration.

As Junk Yard Writes:

But considering that we enter Super Bowl weekend with freedom of speech under assault across the entire world, with dhimmitude on the rise in the West, and with little details like the prayer room that was opened in the New Jersey Meadowlands last season, it sure seems timely.

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