Friday, December 30, 2005

MSM Lie # 54 of 2005 - 30,000 dead Iraqi civilians

In probably the last major lie of 2005, various MSM/DNC outlets misquoted President Bush as having stated (on December 12, 2005) that 30,000 civilian casualties had occured in Iraq since March 2003. In fact, the President never said "civilian." Bush estimated the total Iraqi deaths. That number includes military deaths and terrorist deaths. The MSM/DNC simply added the word "civilian" to fit their own preconceived ideas.

Rather than acknowledge the mistake, The San Francisco Chronicle simply modified its headline after the blogosphere [e.g. Michelle Malkin] called them on the lie. Had the blogosphere not existed to correct the lie, the 30,000-civilian-death myth would have become part of the official MSM/DNC history of the war.

UPI is repeating the lie as late as today.

Click here for the complete list and check back this weekend for a repost of the list and further analysis.

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