Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An idea for the Miers nomination

Previous Miers post here - White House running scared.

I have an idea as to how conservatives should handle the Harriet Miers nomination. What do you suppose would happen if a fair number of Republicans refused to support the nomination in the Senate?

I believe that if Republican support were less than unanimous, a large number of Democrats would cross the aisle and vote for her. (A fair number voted for Roberts, but only because Democrats were going to lose anyway.) If Miers lost 30 or more Republican senators, I think the Democratic groundswell in Miers' favor would be very large. The Democrats will not let this one get away. Bush has goofed, the Democrats know it and the Dems are going to make sure Miers gets on the Court. This nomination is the 2005 equivalent of Bush I' tax increase from 1990. The Democrats needed that tax increase to put Bill Clinton in the White House in 1992. The Democrats need the Harriet Miers debacle to put Hillary (or some other leftist) in the White House in 2008.

A Republican exodus would force the Democrats to show their hand now and make it obvious that the Democrats favor stealth candidates and fear ideological debate.

I know it is not much of a strategy, but it is better than having Miers confirmed by Republicans while the Democrats pretend to oppose Miers with their usual cries of "homophobe, racist, Halliburton, warmonger, anti-choice. . . . "

The other benefit is that Republican senators might retain their own bases even as George Bush loses his base. We might hang on the Senate in 2006 if the Republican Senators avoid taking the blame for Harriet Miers.

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