Monday, October 03, 2005

A victory for Harry Reid? - the Harriet Miers nomination

I haven't been able to find any blog opinion yet about the Miers nomination. I guess everyone else is still writing - or scratching their heads.

I wrote last week about Harry Reid's threat to President Bush designed to prevent the nomination of a conservative. The threat appears to have worked. We will not know for sure until it is too late - several years into Miers' tenure on the Supreme Court.

I also wrote that this battle would have been winnable - even with a conservative nominee.

President has decided to play it safe again and go for the easy confirmation. But playing it safe now is the equivalent of gambling with the next thirty years.

I do have a few predictions based on recent events (barring any unforeseen revelations). While I am sure that the left is breathing a sigh of relief over this nomination, they will make their usual attacks anyway. They will run ads (or try to run ads) depicting Miers as a baby saving, minority hating, torture excusing, warmongering, Halliburton crony. The Democratic Senators will make fools of themselves on the Judiciary Committee, after which Miers will be confirmed by a slightly wider margin than was Roberts.

I heard the NBC commentator (Russert or some other mouthpiece) say that Miers is single. I don't know if she was ever married, but I would bet my life savings that the left is already looking into the gay angle (having failed to turn up incriminating evidence on Robert's son).

The left knows that Miers will be confirmed regardless of what they do. The left probably believes that there is a good chance that Miers will turn into an O'Connor or a Souter. This nomination is the left's payoff for 18 years of Democratic obstructionism. Despite the existence of a Republican President and Senate, the left has prevented the President from seizing his one opportunity to create a conservative majority on the Court.

The left has proven the virtue of patience and perserverance. We in the blogosphere should remember and learn from this lesson.
Update - Powerline expresses disappointment.


Laura Ingraham is "extremely disappointed."

Glenn Beck wonders what is the "point of having a Republican Party" anymore.

Michelle Malkin is underwhelmed. [Michelle has a more thorough roundup.]
another update

check here for my analysis of the White House reaction.

Confederate Yankee confirms predictions of leftist accusations of homosexuality.

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