Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ed Klein, Hillary Clinton - The Truth About Hillary

Do I believe the accusations that Drudge has excerpted from Ed Klein's new book? I don't know, but even Clinton supporters have to realize that nothing is impossible, unthinkable or unspeakable when it comes to the Clintons.

Just remember, Klein has impeccable mainstream media credentials:
But Hillary and her camp may have a hard time typecasting Ed Klein as a Clinton-crazed right-winger. Klein is the former foreign editor of NEWSWEEK and former editor in chief of the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. He is a frequent contributor to VANITY FAIR and PARADE.

He is also the author of THE KENNEDY CURSE; FAREWELL, JACKIE; and several other NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers.

VANITY FAIR has already commissioned an excerpt of the embargoed Hillary book, exploring Hillary's senate runs.


Earlier post about "The Truth About Hillary."

The real reason to oppose Hillary.

Update - Monday morning

Upon further reflection, there are some reasons not to believe this story:

1) This was not Bill Clinton's usual method of raping women. When he raped Juanita Broadrick, he subdued her by biting her lip ("Better put some ice on that"). But in this case, the attack reportedly destroyed the hotel room. (I don't remember whether his rape of Eileen Wellstone involved a destructive struggle or not).

2) A Captain's Quarters commenter has suggested the following:
I get the feeling Klein has some part in the 'Hillary for President' strategy by deliberately putting this garbage out, then including some other authentic charges of unethical or even criminal behavior by her and Bill. The result: When the other charges are brought up in 2008 (or even 2006) Hillary can cite this book as being 'discredited'. The MSM then shuts down any story relating to her ethical 'lapses' because they are given the same weight as the 'rape' charge.

As I wrote yesterday, "nothing is impossible, unthinkable or unspeakable when it comes to the Clintons." That includes inventing a story for the purpose of generating sympathy and covering up real crimes.

3) This story hurts Bill and makes Hillary the victim/hero. A struggle that destroyed the hotel room [the room "looked like World War III"] makes Hillary look better than Bill's other victims because she supposedly fought back.

4) Does anyone doubt for a second that Hillary would have aborted her child if she got pregnant from a rape?

The bottom line is that none of this should matter after all of the Clintons' crimes and history. Research the items that the Clintons sold to China in exchange for the campaign contributions that saved their Presidency, then review photos of nuclear attack victims for a peak at our own possible future. See how much sympathy you feel for the Clintons then.
Monday afternoon update -
For all of those who claim to be offended by the Hillary rape story, I have thought of a test. I will shortly dig out my Clinton/China research from the 1990's and post it at this blog. If you truly are offended by the Ed Klein allegations, but would be receptive to a relevant story of actual Clinton harm and corruption, you will want to see what I will post here in the next day or two. You will not only want to see it, but blog it yourself.
Monday night update
Here is the link. If you still have any inkling that you might vote for a Clinton after reading this, then you are more partisan than you admit and you have no basis to claim sudden outrage over some book that came out this month.

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