Sunday, October 10, 2004

Update on Iraqi computer files - plans for U.S. schools

ABC news reported late last week that the discovery of Iraqi computer disks containing floor plans and security info on schools in eight U.S. towns had nothing to do with terrorism. ABC quoted government sources as saying this information was legitimate research. No Beslans here.

I remain skeptical. Is there any doubt that the terrorists would like to do the same thing here? Is there any doubt that Osama bin Laden, if he were still alive, would be planning a U.S. horror similar to Beslan?

I place no confidence in official denials. Had only one plane crashed into the WTC on September 11, the FAA line would be that it was an accident. When it comes to education, the government will do anything to maintain unwarranted confidence in the public schools. The only exception is the gun control advocates' attempts to frighten parents about school shootings. Leftists continue to use Columbine as an excuse to ban guns despite any adverse effect that their campaign might have on public school enrollment. In that case, leftists consider it more important to oppose guns than to support public education.

The leftists hate gun rights more than they oppose parents right to choose their children's education.

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