Sunday, November 04, 2012

Benghazi and Chappaquiddick

At first it might seem like a stretch to compare Benghazi with Chappaquiddick, but the similarities exist.  Modern pundits are anxious to compare every scandal to Watergate.  But not every scandal is like Watergate.  Some scandals lend themselves to other comparisons. 

In both cases, politicians allowed people to die over the course of hours.  Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama abandoned their victims for their own political benefit.  The victims lingered and struggled for life for many hours while Kennedy and Obama slept.  Kennedy and Obama could have sent help, but did not do so.

Mary Jo Kopechne struggled for air in a car underwater while Kennedy slept in a nearby hotel.  The Americans in Benghazi fought Al Qaeda for 7 hours, expecting special forces to rescue them - all the while Obama's people watched events unfold as Obama slept. 

Obama and his people lied about what happened to prevent the American people from discovering larger problems with his foreign policy.

Kennedy never did provide more than a cursory explanation of what happened. Many questions never have been answered.  He was excused from explaining by compliant local police and a subservient media.

Chappaquiddick followed Kennedy for the rest of his life.  It affected his presidential campaign eleven years later.  It defined his legacy for the rest if his life and beyond.

Benghazi may do the same for Obama. 

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