Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Massive data accumulates to bury "global warming" hoax;

Debbie Schlussel posts a news report of record low temperatures throughout the Southern and Midwestern United States:
Yup, global warming. And, in a few years, we'll all be having our groceries fall out of ripped paper bags and be stuck with those ugly "energy-saving" non-conventional bulbs, all because of this cultist hype that continues to be disproven.

Question: In a few years, when I and many other Americans have to throw out our lamps that work only with old-school incandescent bulbs, how much landfill waste and more alleged "global warming" will that cause?

Gateway Pundit posts an even larger pool of data on record lows throughout the United States. Attached to Gateway's posts are links to many prior articles similarly destroying the global warming hoax.

Whenever I post an item like this, some idiot comments that we can't draw conclusions from only one incident or one location. Gateway's links refer to areas throughout the United States and the world (including the growing ice mass in Antarctica). My own prior links refer to the past two decades.

Winter of 1987

Storm of the Century - 1993

Winter of 1994

Winter of 1996

Winter of 2007

The evidence is overwhelming no matter how one spins the data. Global warming is a lie. The administration would have us dismantle our remaining industries for a lie.


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