Friday, March 13, 2009

Sandi Vito; Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's nominee for labor secretary; "Public Drunkenness"

Obama's appointees at the federal level are not the only Democrat appointees with legal trouble. Democrat appointees at the state level are in plenty of legal hot water of their own. In Pennsylvania, Democrat Governor Ed Rendell has appointed Sandi Vito as Pennsylvania Labor Secretary.

PA Labor Secretary - nominee Sandi Vito

On Wednesday night (March 11, 2009), Ms. Vito was charged with public drunkenness at a downtown Harrisburg hotel:
A spokesman for Gov. Ed Rendell says the charge wasn't work-related and that it's too early to say what, if any, discipline may result.

Vito is awaiting Senate confirmation of her nomination to serve as labor secretary on a permanent basis.

She was previously chief of staff to a Democratic state senator and political director of the state Democratic Party.

Ms. Vito is currently the Acting Secretary:
As Acting Secretary, Vito heads the fifth-largest agency of Pennsylvania state government, overseeing more than 6,000 employees in 200 offices statewide that serve the worker and business interests of the commonwealth. Through the administration of programs such as workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, job retraining and vocational rehabilitation, along with its numerous enforcement and regulatory responsibilities, the Department directly affects the daily lives of millions of workers and the more than 250,000 employers in Pennsylvania.

While this photo is not of Ms. Vito, it brings to mind an interesting point. I would rather that the Democrat cabinet officials be drunk and passed out than have them alert and meddling with our economy. We are better off with the Democrats looking like this than devising new ways to burn our childrens' money. I propose that instead of hosting tea parties, we begin hosting whiskey parties, in which we collect as much alcohol as we can for delivery to the White House, Congress and various cabinet offices. Maybe then they will leave us alone for a while.
not Sandi Vito


update (afternoon 3-13-09) - Ms. Vito has announced that she will enter into a treatment program. Governor Rendell still wants her for the job. I guess that Ms. Vito, like Tim Giethner, is the only one that can do the job.
update - The Centre Daily Times has more. Republicans in the Senate are at least demanding more information before rolling over on her nomination.

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