Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Venezuela promoting revolution across Latin America

We already knew that Castro and Chavez had teamed up to send secret police throughout Latin America disguised as doctors.

We already knew that Venezuela is acommunist dictatorship.

Now we see proof that Venezuela is inciting war, revolution and destabilization within Columbia. This proof comes in the form of a laptop seized by the Columbians during recent raids on terrorist camps:
Files in the computer seized in Saturday's raid into Ecuador that claimed the lives of Reyes and 23 of his comrades offer an intimate portrait of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's desire to undermine Colombia's U.S.-allied government.

Except for a few wire service reports that dutifully downplay this news, the MSM/DNC has been dutifully silent.

The U.S. will have to confront this issue in coming years. If we don't confront it now, we may be faced with multiple Castro's throughout South and Central America someday. An election year is the best time to force politicians to acknowledge this problem and spell out what they are going to do. Now is the time to demand strength from our "leaders."


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