Friday, January 11, 2008

Quote of the day - Joe Sobran [Bill Clinton, Joseph Stalin, C.S. Lewis]

INSIGHT OF THE CENTURY: I often think that in our
time the Devil has finally gotten his act together.
After dabbling with huge wars and monstrous tyrannies --
very successful but short-lived in their violence -- he
has found a stabler long-term strategy: the more
peaceful tyranny of the appetites in a mass society,
catered to by mediocre rulers like Bill Clinton. In C.S.
Lewis's classic The Screwtape Letters, the senior devil
counsels his younger colleague that for purposes of
damnation, murder may be no better than playing cards,
if cards will do the trick. From that point of view,
Stalin may be no better than Clinton.

Joe Sobran - December 1999

C.S. Lewis

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