Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quote of the day - Joe Sobran [Katherine Graham]

Katherine Graham

The death of Katharine Graham, publisher of the
WASHINGTON POST, was bound to test the nation's capital's
capacity for fulsome praise. And to be sure, obsequies
have seldom been so obsequious. Kay Graham, a hostess
rather than a journalist, was the very personification of
the Establishment. Well, someone has to be, and we can't
hold that against her. But her eulogists insisted on
turning the grande dame into a rebel: she had "no sacred
cows," she "inspired" younger women by her example, she
"shook the establishment," she was even, according to the
ancient doyen of Washington courtiers, Arthur Schlesinger
Jr., "a quiet revolutionary." Yes, just like that old
Bastille-stormer Queen Victoria. Meaning no disrespect,
the surest proof of Mrs. Graham's mediocrity is that
nobody hated her.

Joe Sobran - 2001

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