Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Yesterday, Nurse William tagged me for the Thinking Blogger Award, an award that originated with The Thinking Blog.

I am to pick five blogs that make me think and pass on the award to each of them.
This is a difficult task, as there are many blogs that make me think, but the following provide useful insight and information:

(1) Jerri Ward of Sue Bob's Diary, who provides expertise on various legal issues, including advance directives and big brother's increasing attempts to dehumanize us by euthanizing the sick and the lame.

(2) Debbie Schlussel, who writes a great deal about the ongoing creation of the Islamic terror network in the United States and the political arm of this network (as well as the governments' efforts to appease and ignore the growing threat).

(3) Scrappleface, where you can read what the left and the MSM/DNC really mean.

(4) Pamela at Atlas Shrugs, who remains uncompromising in the face of the growing dhimmitude all around us and who finds new ways to promote the truth.

(5) Blonde Sagacity, who always hosts a lively discussion and always asks the right questions.

I hope that each of them picks five bloggers that make them think and passes the award along. [And yes, the pictures make me think also.]


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