Monday, January 01, 2007


I really did not post much in 2006. I have no major summaries for the past year.

I enjoyed my second Insta-lanche in 2006. I reached 100,000 hits in July. Probably my favorite post from 2006 included the lengthy quotation from Will Durant's 1935 book regarding the Islamic conquest of India.

I want to focus on a few ongoing stories in 2007 - namely Venezuela, China, Islam and MSM/DNC related issues. I also want to hold the new Congress' feet to the fire as they push for surrender in the War on Terror.

I would also like to return to discussions of classic books. I stopped posting editions of "Classics of Conservatism" when Blogger zapped out much of my homepage after I placed too many book buttons in the margin.

I often don't join in the blogbursts of major stories because the larger blogs cover those stories thoroughly and a repetitive post from me would add nothing to the story and distract from the already excellent blogosphere coverage. Instead, I try to focus on a few ongoing stories that have long term consequences.

Now that I can use "labels" with the "new" Blogger, it should be easier for readers to trace progressing stories over several years. My goal this year is to add labels to all of my old posts.

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