Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry distanced from Dems only in tight races; Casey; McCaskill, Ford

The MSM/DNC would like to put John Kerry's remarks behind us, as it attempts to refocus the nation's attention back to Mark Foley.

MSM/DNC outlets are quick to point out that numerous Democrats have repudiated Kerry's insult, while also insisting that it was nothing but a joke. The Democrats that called for Kerry to apologize include McCaskill, Ford and Hillary Clinton. A campaign appearance with Bob Casey in Pennsylvania has been cancelled. See also Michelle Malkin.

In fact, McCaskill, Ford and Casey are locked in tight races with incumbent Republicans or for open seats. Hillary, of course, retains Presidential ambitions.

Those Democrats who are safe have not repudiated Kerry. They have not repudiated him because they agree with him. The Democrats have not dropped their anti-troop animus. They merely hide it when they have to. Kerry is less skilled at hiding it than most of his party.

Bob Casey, while cancelling a campaign appearance with Kerry this week, has nevertheless appeared with Kerry earlier in this campaign. Yesterday he continued to defend Kerry notwithstanding the canceled appearance. Casey dismissed the comments as a mere joke. If the comments were only a joke, then why cancel the joint campaign appearance? Casey wants to have it both ways. He wants to defend Kerry as much as he can get away with while pretending to distance himself from the slur on the campaign trail.

The Democrats who are trying to keep Kerry in the closet remind me of Bill Clinton's faux conservatism during the campaign of 1992, promising a middle class tax cut, running as a southern Democrat with a southern Democrat running mate, putting his wife in front of the cameras with a fake southern drawl, etc. Only after the election did we discover that the tax cut promise was nothing but a head fake, as our taxes were raised almost immediately. We still haven't discovered the full extent of Clinton's sellout to China.

If we allow the country to let down its guard and elect faux moderate Democrats because they joined in the criticism of Kerry, we will discover too late that the Democrats will undermine our defense and leave Iraq at the mercy of Al Qaeda.
count Jon Tester of Montana among the tight race hypocrites:
"Senator Kerry's remarks were poorly worded and just plain stupid," said Democrat Jon Tester, in a tight Senate race in Montana.

John Kerry on Bob Casey:
“You and I can actually make this an outstanding day in Bob Casey’s Senate campaign to defeat Santorum”

John Kerry wrote an email on June 14, 2005, asking Pennsylvanians to make donations to the Bob Casey for Senate campaign. Kerry writes, “Bob Casey was there for us and Pennsylvania Democrats in 2004. Let’s do it for him in 2006.” (Email, John Kerry, June 14, 2005) He also writes “Join the community in Pennsylvania as we kick off a special one-day campaign to give Bob Casey a strong grassroots boost.”
Also - Casey refers to Kerry as a "great leader . . . patriot" - Allentown Morning Call - November 1, 2006.

"I'm Bob Casey and John Kerry has approved this message."

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