Monday, November 06, 2006

Faux moderates; Bob Casey

Manuel Miranda nails the Pennsylvania Senate race in this Human Events column:
Pennsylvanians may think that voting for Bob Casey Jr. is a viable alternative to Santorum because Casey is Catholic and pro-life. You are wrong. Casey has already told you that. He said the life issue will not be central to what he will do in the Senate. New York’s Sen. Chuck Schumer’s has told you also. Schumer told big liberal donors that Casey would vote with him to block judges. And as Schumer added, “that is the whole ball of wax.”

While some Pennsylvanians may feel comfortable voting for Bob Casey because he appears to be pro-life, the truth won't come out until it is too late. Democrats are starting to realize that they can't win by running obvious leftists. They have to win the Bill Clinton way. They must pretend to be conservative until they are already in office. Bob Casey is not only a faux moderate, he is a faux Catholic if he remains true to his word and helps Schumer and the Democrats block pro-life judges.

As Joe Sobran might say, Bob Casey will never give the pro-abortion lobby reason to demand the return of their thirty pieces of silver.

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